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Sacred Sol Taos

Sacred Sol Taos uses Ancient Healings and Spiritual Traditions which recognizes the Mind, Body and Soul as a whole.

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Owner~Melissa Ortiz

*UNM~Certificate in Holistic Healing

*UNM~License in Massage Therapy

*LMT Golden Willow Retreat


Born and raised in a small village near the Taos Mountains. I started my Healing journey caring for my 102 yr. old Grandfather Manuel. I learned and used "Medicina del Campo" which is a blending of Native American (Mexica) and Spanish roots with religious beliefs in harmony with nature, spirit and self. My experiences have inspired me to reclaim and teach the healing traditions of Ancient Mesoamerica. "I feel like honoring and teaching  Ancient Healing Remedios is my responsibility. I therefore create services that are affordable and
accessible to the people in my

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I incorporate Massage, Smoke of Copal and Sage, Stones and Special oils seeking guidance from our Creator and Ancestors, setting the intention for Healing and Protection.

Treatments are compatible with any Religion as it helps develop Higher Spirituality and therefore a better experience with your own religious path.

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Sacred Sol Therapy

This Ritual uses Hot Rocks del Rio absorbed by Sun Energy. It includes a Soul Alignment and Aromatic Massage creating the perfect fusion for ultimate relaxation and Spiritual healing.

90 Minutes  $155

Taos Tranquility

A deeply relaxing treatment to ground the mind and soothe the nervous system. Lavender blossoms are used to remove negative energy releasing stuck emotion and evoke feelings of relaxation and peace.

60 Minutes $100     90 Minutes $135

Taos Gorge

Deep tissue massage with the Anti-inflammatory Herb Arnica Montana which naturally stimulates blood flow, reduces pain, swelling and bruising. Traditional Remedy used to ease muscle strain, renew energy and activate the body's own self-healing mechanisms.

60 Minutes $100     90 Minutes $135


This ancient foot therapy once practiced by the Incas releases toxins, tension and blocked energy. Used to relax, restore and rebalance by applying pressure on precise areas of the hands and feet correlated to parts of the body. Used with warming camphor extracts to increase circulation and remove lactic acid.

60 Minutes $85              

30 Minutes $30 Add-on Only

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Magical Mini Rituals

Taos Enchantments that feed your Mind, Body and Soul


$30 Enchantments

(Add-On Only)

Dry Brush~ A Ritual for Renewal

Exfoliate, Stimulate, Detoxify and Renew your Body and Soul.* Includes S. bergamot

Therapeutic Cupping~ Natural practice that separates tissue in the body in order to reduce pain by releasing stagnant blood and lymph fluid. *Includes CBD 

Ancestral Spiritual Cleanse~ Cleanse, Purify and Pray. This Treatment starts out with a Soul Alignment which unblocks patterns of disharmony within the Soul using healing stones and imagery. It continues with a Sage/Copal blend as "La Limpia" cleanses your Aura from negative energy. *Includes Foot Therapy

Hot Stones~Melt away away negative energy and tension while vital energy flows within the body. *Includes choice of Aromatherapy


$10 Enchantments

(Add-On Only)

Revitalizing Scalp Massage~ With Invigorating Lime oil.

Hand Therapy~Deeply nourishes and protects with a calming yet uplifting aroma of Lemon Verbena

Foot Therapy~Stimulate circulation and relieve dry, irritated skin with a Menthol/Camphor rescue cream.

MTZ CBD~Locally made healing ointment containing Arnica and other essential oils. Mexica tribes honored Cannabis as a gift for its healing powers as it relieves chronic pain and anxiety.

S. Bergamot~ Deeply hydrates and soothes skin. contains Spiritual significance because of its healing properties and ability to restore the flow of energy throughout the body,

Spirit Alignment~ Alignment of Spiritual centers each containing its own vibration which correlates to emotion and physical parts of the body.


Aromatherapy Healing Herbs

Healing Heart~Lemon, Neroli calms, regenerates and uplifts sorrow.

Sacred Grounding~ Balsam Fir and Grapefruit strengthens the mind and emotions. Restore power and self-confidence and claim Spiritual purpose.

Spiritual Roots~Sandalwood and Cardamon for healing,protection and balancing.

Insight, Clarity~ Lemongrass and Peppermint relieve tension and let go of stagnant energy. Promote mental clarity.

Eucalyptus ~Respiratory rescue, Immune booster.

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Mon~Fri: 10am - 4pm
(575) 7795673
Gift Certificates Available.

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Sacred Sol Taos is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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